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Example of a completed floor using 2 pack epoxy

Floor Coatings

Durable, heavy-duty, high-performance floor paints for a range of industrial and commercial purposes. Suitable for warehouse floors, factory floors, commercial garages, showrooms, etc.

Metal Coatings

High grade metal paint for industrial and commercial applications, including single pack metal paints like Aluminium Quick Dry Enamel, Decorative Gloss, One Coat Steel Enamel.

Farm Coatings

Some coatings for farm Coatings equipment and buildings, includes red oxides, aluminium paint, horticultural finishes, roofing paints and anti-corrosive primers, etc.

Epoxy Paint on a feed passage

Machinery Enamel

Specialist Coatings Ireland Machinery Enamel offers durable and protective coatings, enhancing equipment resilience and performance with a professional finish.

Roof Tile Coat

Specialist Coatings Ireland's Roof Tile Coat enhances durability, weather resistance, and aesthetics of roof tiles. Protects against UV, algae, and moss.

Fence Coat

Specialist Coatings Ireland's Fence Coat offers durable protection, enhancing the lifespan of fences with a weather-resistant finish, ensuring lasting aesthetics.

Oxide Paint

SpecialistCoatingsIreland offers high-quality Oxide Paint, providing durable and corrosion-resistant finishes. Ideal for various surfaces, ensuring long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.

Chlorinated Rubber

SpecialistCoatingsIreland offers high-quality Chlorinated Rubber coatings, known for durability, chemical resistance, and excellent adhesion, ensuring long-lasting protection in various industrial applications.